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Good News!!!!

We have finally agreed on a new logo and it’s only taken us 2 months!   Our distinctive logo has been with us since our launch in 2015 but its really dated and was badly in need of an update.  You will now start to see our new logo appearing on all our multimedia sites, in world marketing material and events as well as in-store and on our vendor ads.  Hope you like it’s simplicity as much as we do.

GeMyles Couture New Logo August 2017

@ GeMyles we have several platforms where you can view our creations along with two buying options….. Inworld and Marketplace.

We strongly suggest you try our demo’s in-world before buying any of our items as no refunds will be given unless their is a creation fault and then we will always correct it and replace.

Please see our Flickr for additional pictures.

GeMyles Couture New Logo August 2017ALPHAwith Ribbon



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